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Watford Junction
Route List

Watford Junction

Route List

ID From To Notes
R2001AS S2001 S765
R2001BS S2001 S767
R2001CS S2001 S769
R2001DS S2001 S754X
R2001ES S2001 S2002X
R2002AS S2002 S2003X
R2002BS S2002 S746
R2002CS S2002 S744
R2003AS S2003 S765
R2003BS S2003 S767
R2003CS S2003 S754X
R2003DS S2003 S2002X
R2004AS S2004 S2003X
R2004BS S2004 S746
R2004C1S S2004 S744
R2004C2S S2004 S744
R2005AS S2005 S761
R2006AS S2006 S2004
R2006BS S2006 S744
R2006CS S2006 S2005X
R2006DS S2006 SWS74
R2007AS S2007 S765
R2009AS S2009 S2007
R2016AS S2016 S756
R2016BS S2016 S758
R2016CS S2016 S2006
R2018AS S2018 S750
R2018BS S2018 S756
R71AS S71 S71X
R72AM S72 S183
R73AM S73 S183
R748AS S748 S2003X
R748BM S748 S746
R748CM S748 S744
R74AC S74 S73
R74AM S74 S73
R74BM S74 S72
R750AM S750 S746
R750BM S750 S744
R754AS S754 S2003X
R754BM S754 S746
R754CM S754 S744
R755AM S755 S759
R755AW S755 S759
R756AS S756 S2003X
R756BM S756 S746
R756C1M S756 S744
R756C2M S756 S744
R757AM S757 S761
R757BM S757 S767
R757CM S757 S754X
R758AM S758 S748
R759AM S759 S765
R759BM S759 S767
R759CM S759 S769
R759DC S759 S754X
R759DM S759 S754X
R759ES S759 S2002X
R761AM S761 S765
R762AM S762 S750
R762BM S762 S758
R764AM S764 S750
R765AM S765 S775
R767AM S767 S775
R767BM S767 S777
R769AM S769 S777
RWS309ES SWS309 S761
RWS77EM SWS77 S761

Watford Junction Reference Section

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