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Q: When I try to create a sticky note, no window appears and the simulation view becomes unresponsive.

A: The sticky note creation window is opening off the edge of the screen. There are two ways to move the window back on screen:

After you clicked "Add Sticky Note", try following these steps:

1. Press Alt+Space

2. Press "M"

3. Press any arrow keys once

4. Move the mouse around

With any luck, the mouse will start moving the dialog around and you can move it somewhere on the screen and have it working again.

If this does not work, it is possible to change some registry settings to bring the window into view for next time.

1. Download this zip file: .

2. Ensure SimSig is closed.

3. Unzip

4. Right click the extracted StickyNoteReset.reg and select "Merge".

Further detail: Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimSig\Options the StickyX and StickyY DWORD values control the horizontal and vertical opening position of the sticky note window. The StickyH and StickyW control the window's opening height and width. Any changes you make to the window's position and size are stored in these registry keys when the window is closed.

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