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Q(ueue) Berth

Q(ueue) Berth

A Q berth is a berth that looks like any other but is set to display the contents of more that one hidden berth. Which hidden berth it displays at any given time is subject to a set of rules of precedent set by the developer.

There are many reasons why this may be the case, for instance a displayed TC may in reality consist of several mini-TCs combined into one and a Berth is given to each of these mini-TCs. E.g. the hidden berth maybe associated with a Repeater or shunt signal which shares a displayed TC.

In most cases whether it is a Q berth or not is not important to the user. However, the significant difference is that you cannot directly interpose or alter a TD displayed in a Q berth.

What you are able to do is interpose or amend the the Berth associated with a signal by right clicking on the signal and using the intepose menu options.

If the Q Berth conditions are not satisfied to show that Berth then the TD will not immediatly be shown until the conditions are satisfied.

See also TD Berth and Approach Berth .

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