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Reminders (collars)

Reminders (collars)

Signal collars (so-called because of the physical collar-type device placed on semaphore-style signalbox levers!) or reminder devices, as they are known in IECCs, can be placed on signals and exit buttons. These prevent routes being set from or to the signal, either manually or by ARS. An override facility is available for one-shot manual override (see below).

To place a general reminder on a signal or exit button, click first on the 'Reminder' button, to the right of the simulation clock. Then, click on the signal required. The background of the signal will change to a cyan colour (or cyan and magenta if a traction isolation reminder is already applied to the signal).

To remove a general reminder, follow the same procedure as above but use the right-hand mouse button instead. The signal or exit symbol background will revert to black (or magenta if a traction isolation reminder is still applied).

To apply or remove a traction isolation reminder to a signal or exit symbol, follow the same procedure as above but use the 'Isolation' button instead.

To override a reminder (for routesetting) the 'Reminder Override' button should be clicked prior to the standard routesetting procedure. This can be used to set one route only; 'Reminder Override' must be clicked again if a second route needs to be set between signals with reminders applied.

Note that all procedures above must be completed within 30 seconds or the operation will be abandoned. Doing unrelated things may also abandon the operation.

Reminders can also be placed and removed by right-clicking on the signal, and ticking/unticking on the menu displayed (assuming that 'right click cancels route' option is NOT set).

Reminders can also be placed on locked points, and on level-crossings (although LC reminders don't prevent route setting; reminders need to be placed on the protecting signals as required).

Points manually locked normal with reminder collar:


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