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Every so often in most sims you will get a little note in the activities column of the timetable saying: DR:1A01

When the train reaches the location it then divides the train into 2 sections, either dividing a new section off the front (DF:) or the rear (DR:); this part assumes the new TD as shown while the remaining retains the existing TD, although it's quite common for this to have an immediate new Next (N:) working.

Note that the terms front & rear apply to the direction of the train movement to the divide location, not the subsequent direction. For example, a train arriving in the Up direction to King's Cross and dividing Front will leave the new portion at the buffer end, and the shortened old portion at the far end.

Note that other Activities can also happen at the same location in sequence, eg DF:0A32 J:0A01 N:5A01 means train 1A01 arrives, detaches the loco off the front as 0A32, joins with another loco 0A01 and then becomes 5A01 for departure to carriage sidings.

Multiple divides from the one train can also occur.

See also Train Activities

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