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FAQ: My Antivirus Software is blocking SimSig

FAQ: My Antivirus Software is blocking SimSig

From time to time we receive reports that some Anti-Virus software reports that it is not happy with some SimSig files. We do virus scan all software before release, and executables have been digitally signed since around 2014.

Such reports are largely down to the fact that SimSig is niche software so the AV doesn't have enough information from enough users to consider it safe. Generally the reports are warnings on that basis and not reports that there is an actual virus. Reports vary but "SAPE.Heur.####" (where #### is a hexadecimal number) is one example.

In addition, watch out for warnings about software being blocked from writing to certain places, but which still runs anyway. A recent update to an AV caused it to block SimSig writing to the log files in the Public Documents folder, which itself causes problems. Going into the AV software and "whitelisting" the software cures it.

"Out of memory" reports may also be received when an anti-virus or anti-malware software blocks SimSig. It may be every time you try to save something, or it might even be apparently randomly. It is not known why "out of memory" is returned by the Windows operating system but perhaps is the only way AV/AM can block the save. In any case, temporarily disabling the AV/AM temporarily to see if that has an effect is worth trying. If that is successful, see if SimSigLoader.exe can be whitelisted in the software.

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