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FAQ: I've downloaded a timetable, but can't find it in the Loader
User-contributed timetables

FAQ: I've downloaded a timetable, but can't find it in the Loader

At least one timetable is supplied with all simulations. Ensure you have installed SimSig to the default location; if you are using a bespoke installation, ensure that the correct folder locations have been set. It is strongly recommended to install to the default location.

User-contributed timetables

Some additional user-created timetables were uploaded some time ago, when the file format was different, and included both a WTT and WTR file. If this is the case, follow this quick guide:

Open the Sim without any timetable loaded

1 - Go to the timetables menu and open/merge the old WTT/WTR timetable

2 - After Merging timetable from the same timetable menu open save as (next line below open/merge) - then rename the timetable with a new different name from the original then save it. (you could just simply add your initials at the start for example)

3 - Reopen the Sim and you should then see your version of the timetable in the TT list.

An easy quick test to see if this has worked is to move the WTR file out of the folder, open the TT up and see if the rules tab is populated -if there are rules you've done it right

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