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SPAD stands for Signal Passed At Danger.

If a driver SPADs, they can be suspended by the rail operator. In SimSig, SPADs are not simulated automatically. In reality, the average signaller only experiences a few SPADs in his/her entire working career, so the chances of it happening are very slim. SPADs also have a psychological aspect on both signaller and driver, and as such, are not appropriate in SimSig. Some games may simulate crashes, blood, guts, and gore, but SimSig is not such a game.

In later versions of SimSig, a multiplayer host has the option of causing a SPAD. The reasoning behind this is that it is a controlled SPAD by the simulation host and it is up to him/her to manage the after effects of such an event.

There used to be four types of SPAD:

  • Category A - Driver error
  • Category B - The Signaller replaced the signal to danger in front of the train, or an equipment failure caused the signal to change to red in front of the train.
  • Category C - Signal replaced in an emergency, however the train was going to fast to stop at it.
  • Category D - The train was running away and couldn't stop at the signal.

Nowadays, the former Category A is the only SPAD-type, with B, C and D-types being classed as operational incidents.

See also PSAD (Pass Signal At Danger), a rearrangement of this acronym popular with SimSig players but unauthorised elsewhere. :-)

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