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TSR stands for Temporary Speed Restriction. TSRs are generally enforced where track or other structures aren't quite up to standard, as a precautionary measure. Sometimes, there is a different speed limit for passenger and freight trains, since passenger trains typically carry less weight per axle than freight trains.

In SimSig, randomly-generated TSRs are included on Standard difficulty or higher, or by a separate selection in the 'Simulation Options' when starting a new game. Any TSRs in force will be announced at the start of the game via a message in the Incident Report . These TSRs will remain the same throughout the day, and won't change when re-starting from a saved game. TSRs are not indicated on the panel, and you may wish to add a sticky note at the relevant location as a reminder.

The user can also create their own TSRs using the Incident Control Panel .

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