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SimSig Compared To Its Competitors

SimSig Compared To Its Competitors


SimSig PC-Rail Sigcent* SIAM Traingames
Price Free / £5-£30 £18-£35 £32 (£12 for DOS) £18-£45 £10-£12
Timetable editor Free Free £20 None Free
Signalbox area coverage Full Partial Partial Partial Partial
Signalling (overlaps, approach control, slots, etc.) Full Limited Limited ? None
Failures Random, variable None Manual ? None
Stock allocation to trains No (not a signaller's job) Partial Yes Partial No
Automatic routesetting Some simulations (full ARS) No No No No
Simple junction routesetting Some simulations No Yes No No
Gradients Yes No ? ? No
Complexity Simulation Simulation Game Game Game
Multiplayer / Internet Yes No No No No

Prices reflect those listed on their respective websites at the time of this page's creation and do not include discounts or temporary special offers.

* Signalling Centre Software closed at the end of December 2014.


SimSig uses an 8x16 bitmap font which replicates the same graphics as used on IECCs, and the colours meet Network Rail standards. PC-Rail uses fairly correct symbology and colours, though it is stretched horizontally somewhat; however, colours are generally correct. SigCent and Traingames use rudimentary ASCII characters mixed with some graphics, but the colours are frequently wrong.


SimSig PC-Rail Sigcent SIAM Traingames
Forum Yes - on website Yes - Yahoo groups No Yes - Yahoo groups No
Support Forum Email Email Email Email
Documentation Wiki Manual Manual Manual Manual

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