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F11 Track Circuits

F11 Track Circuits


An individual track circuit (TC) can be set as 'occupied' or 'unoccupied'. Each track circuit can also have a possession applied to it, which prevents a route being set over it. Individual track circuits may be selected from the list, or by clicking the mouse symbol followed by a track circuit in the main view.

This feature is also useful for discovering the ID of any TC on the main view panel. First left-click the button with the mouse icon (Fig. 1), then left-click the TC on the main panel that you wish to identify. It will now automatically appear selected on the list (Fig. 2). If you click Occupy, the selected TC will turn a light red on the list (Fig. 3) while the TC on the main panel will turn red. Click Unoccupy to reverse these changes, but allow a slight delay for the main panel TC to become unoccupied. If occupying a TC also creates a berth with a headcode of "xxxx", you will need to Cancel this separately.

:usertrack:ssrun:func:f11:track_circuit_button1.png :usertrack:ssrun:func:f11:track_circuit_button2.png :usertrack:ssrun:func:f11:track_circuit_button3.png
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3
Abbreviation Symbol Colour Meaning
ENG ENG Symbol Blue Engineering possession (See table below)
TI TI Symbol Purple Traction Isolation (certain class(es) of train are temporarily not allowed)
BET BET Symbol Purple/None Blocked to Electric Traction
ENG and TI ENG and TI Symbol Purple/Blue A combination of the ENG and TI possessions
ENG and BET ENG and BET Symbol Blue/None A combination of the ENG and BET possessions

Note that it is possible to set a route through a possession if the 'Reminder Overide' function is used.

Types of ENG possession:

T1 Signalling maintenance
T2 Temporary block between trains
T3 Possession of a running line for engineering purposes
T4 Possession of a siding

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