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F11 Trains

F11 Trains


Ticking the 'pause train' box will pause the simulation for that train only- the train will stop moving or carrying out activities. Note that if the train was moving when it was paused, the F2 list will still list it as moving. When the box is unticked, the train will continue as if nothing had happened.

Pressing the 'Pass next signal irrespective of aspect' will cause the train to do just that, and may be used to simulated SPADs. When the button is pressed, there are three options to chose:

  • Keep Going: The train will either continue normally (obeying all further signals)
  • Stop and report to signal box: After overunning the signal by a distance specified in the box below by the user, the train will stop and report in.
  • Stop at next signal and report to signal box: What it says!

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