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Convdata is a program designed and built by Clive Feather to translate information from SimSig timetable format to text so that the data can be manipulated with a word processor or spreadsheet rather than using the SimSig timetable editor. Convdata also allows for the creation of trains running to a regular interval service from a single input of data which simplifies the task if creating a timetable.

It is available from his personal site . Full instructions on how to use it can be found on the web-site, with the User Manual available at .

The utility has been developed since the User Manual was written and is now available from within a simulation rather than using command-line instructions as the Manual requires. The convdata.exe file can be installed in a number of places on the user system. From information supplied by Clive Feather, simulations will attempt to find the convdata.exe file using the following sequence:

- The directory from which SimSig loaded.

- The current directory for SimSig (Clive reports that as the one holding the timetables).

- The 32-bit Windows system directory at C:\Windows\System32.

- The 16-bit Windows system directory at C:\Windows\System.

- The Windows directory at C:\Windows.

- The directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable.

The later sims have an option under the Timetable Menu to Export/Import which will directly access the Convdata interface if installed. Once convdata.exe has been installed as above, a pop-up appears when this menu selection has been made which allows direct conversion in both directions between SimSig format and text format from within the sim. As the TT to be converted is selected by the user within the pop-up, any TT can be converted at this stage, not just a TT applicable to the live sim.

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