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Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes

These are notes that you can place on-screen to remind yourself of whatever you need (e.g. train IDs , routing instructions, etc.).

To create a note, right-click anywhere* on the (black) background of a sim. Select Add sticky note. Hint: to ensure that the note is created exactly where you want it, instead of having to drag it into correct position afterwards, right-click exactly where the note's upper LH corner will be. (Note: the other options in the menu - Stay on top, Maximize, Save bitmap - apply to the View window and not the sticky note.)

*If the actual playing area of the sim is smaller than the window surrounding it, you may find that right-clicking on the background but outside the playing area does not bring up the sticky note context menu. See here for forum discussion.

To reposition a sticky note, drag it to its new position, preferably by its upper LH corner. Avoid clicking directly on a train berth if it contains one, otherwise the description (TD) you clicked will overwrite the one currently showing in the Show Timetable window. (Drag = left-click on it and hold the left mouse button down while moving the mouse.)

Right-clicking an existing note opens its editor, enabling you to edit or delete the note.

If you type a train description (TD) into a note, it will be displayed as a blue underlined link when you close the note, provided the TD is one recognized by SimSig for the particular timetable you are playing. This is convenient, as clicking the link will display its timetable in the Show Timetable window (overwriting the current TT). One application of this is to save the TD of a train before it divides, in case you wish to return to the original train that divided.

Since the sticky note is "attached" to the View window where you created it, as you scroll the panel in "scrolly" sims the sticky moves with the view, so may end up offscreen. For this reason you may prefer to open a second sticky note created by an external application, of which there are several available for Windows.

Currently, SimSig sticky notes can can't "remember" custom colours which were saved. The default light yellow colour used has the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) values 255, 255, 160 (in case you ever lose it). So if you are considering using different colours for your sticky notes you may prefer to change to black text on a white background as a default, since it is always there on the standard palette.

If you change the text or background colour of a note, the change will be applied to all future notes created, across all sims. Of course, if you reload a saved game, any notes created and saved with that game do not change.

Hint: Consider creating a separate sticky note for each item, rather than several to one note, to reduce the tedium of editing a note. For example, if you wish to save two TDs, put each into a separate note; then if you decide you need only one, you can easily delete the other with just two clicks.

Hint: Sticky notes may be overlapped slightly, creating the illusion of one continuous note.

Hint: Occasionally you may find it handy to create one or more empty sticky notes the same colour as the background or its objects in order to hide parts of it.

Creating a sticky note overlying part of a panel does not interfere with the movement of trains underneath it, though you should be careful not to hide signals and other changing or controllable objects.

The sticky notes that you create are specific to your own computer screen and cannot be seen by other players in a multiplayer set-up.

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