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Set Down Options

Set Down Options

From V5.16 of the Loader, timetable authors now have more flexible options for trains departing a location early. These options are per location and are as follows:

Option Dep symbol Description
No Train will typically stop for its full scheduled time, including dwell times
Yes (variable) d Trains will either stop for their minimum dwell time and depart, or wait until their departure time, or somewhere in between (randomly)
Stop and go d Trains will stop for the minimum dwell time and then depart
Regulating stop * This is typically used when the train does not need to stop, such as putting a train in a loop to allow other trains to pass. If the train has clear signals then it will not stop.
Wait for time d The train will wait until its booked departure time. Class of service rules typically allow freight trains and empty passenger trains to leave earlier but this will overrule that.

Note that a number of other factors may affect any option above. "Dep symbol" refers to the character between the hours and minutes of the departure time field, such as 12*34 or 12d34.

Existing timetables that have set down selected will default to the yes option. Schedules using 'Wait for time' will default to this option.

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