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Timing Codes

Timing Codes

The following codes and formats are displayed within the 'show timetable' window to indicate different types of stops and passing times at a location.

More than one code may be applied (e.g. a train may be marked to Set Down Only and also have a Custom Dwell Time). Both of those codes will be applied to the train but only a single letter for one of the relevant codes will be generated in the time shown in the TT. Further details will be shown in the 'misc' tab.

Examples as seen in a timetable:

Arr Dep/Pass Meaning
12:30 12:34 Standard stopping time. Train is due to arrive at 12:30, and will depart at 12:34. Subject to any activities the train performs at the location, and the minimum dwell time specified for the type of train, the train may not necessarily need to stop for the allowed time if running late. Note that non-passenger trains may depart early, or at some intervening time. The decision is taken randomly at each stopping location.
--:-- 12:34 No arrival time specified. Otherwise, this train will behave the same as the case above.
--:-- 12/34 Passing time. The train does not stop at this location and is due to pass through at 12:34
12:30 12d34 Set Down Stop. This can fall into three different categories, detailed in the 'Misc' column. 'Rand' (random) means that the train will wait for its minimum dwell time, and will then depart either immediately, at its booked time, or at some other time in between, decided at random. 'Brief' indicates that the train will stop for the minimum time and then immediately depart, and 'Wait for time' means that the train will always wait until its booked departure time. This includes freights and other trains that might otherwise depart early.
--:-- 12t34 Through line stop. The train may use a non-platform line at this location (though can be put on a platform without penalty if need be).
12:30 12w34 Dwell time wait specified. Train will wait for custom period specified in TT. Note time is additional to other station duties (including joins/splits etc).
12:30 12*34 Scheduled stop to allow other trains to pass. The train does not need to stop, however, and will continue at speed if signalled to do so.
12r34 Request stop. The train will slow to a crawl approaching the station but will either accelerate off if no passengers are waiting to board/disembark, or will stop if passengers want to board/disembark.
12:30 12/34 Train is held in a loop, and should arrive at 12:30, and depart at 12:34. The / means that the train will not stop if you don't choose to put it in the loop. This may be seen on older timetables written before the '12*34' option became available.

Note 1: To temporarily prevent a train from stopping at a station, Edit its timetable via F2 by ticking the "Pass" checkbox on the edit screen for the desired location. The time will then show with a forward slash (/) instead of a colon (:) and it will then pass straight through.

Note 2: Once a train has stopped and doesn't want to move until booked time you can give it a gentle nudge by editing the timetable in F2 and amend the "Set current/next location" to the next timing point in the timetable. The train should then start moving.

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