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Timetable File Names
Official Timetables (bundled with simulations)
User-Supplied Timetables
All Timetables

Timetable File Names

Official Timetables (bundled with simulations)

To ensure the Updater updates files instead of adding an extra file (and confusing the user with two near-identical listings), we need to have a consistent approach to file naming. The convention below is will also help users when reading the timetable titles which are sorted alphanumerically character-by-character.


  • Simulation name
  • Date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Optional SX/FO or other identifying tags such as Summer, Saturdays Only,

For example:

  • Hornby Junction 2019-12-31.wtt
  • Nodyorc 2015-05-01 SX.wtt

Where an exact date is not used, such as a timetable covering several days, the following can be used:

  • Grimethorpe 1922 May SX.wtt [ie a Mon-Fri timetable in May 1922]
  • Grimethorpe 1922 May.wtt [ie a 7 day timetable in May 1922]
  • Note that if a month is used, the alphanumeric sorting will not work - June will come before May, for example.

Minor amendments to existing (released) timetables MUST keep the same filename, for the time being until the Updater can delete files. The only exception to this is if the filename already has a version number (eg XXX V1.2.wtt) in which case changing to the above convention is highly recommended.

New timetables for existing simulations, and timetables for new simulations, MUST use the convention above.

User-Supplied Timetables

It is up to the user, but it is recommended to use the above convention. If we change the Updater to include user submissions then the above convention will be necessary.

All Timetables

The version number must never be part of the filename. Experience has shown this to be extremely unreliable, violates the "single source of truth" principle, and complicates the Updater (which would have to delete one file and replace with a new with all the potential Windows permissions issues, instead of just overwriting the old version).

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