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London Bridge ASC 22/05/2018 22:00:00 - Andrew G

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Paisley Released!

Just days after our previous simulations, we now have Paisley to play with as well! See the forum for full details.
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Wimbledon & Feltham Released

New simulations alert! Two new simulations, Feltham and Wimbledon, are now available! Wimbledon contains panels 1 to 4 (Waterloo to Clapham, New Malden, Epsom, and Leatherhead), while Feltham contains Wimbledon panel 5, all of Feltham box, plus Wokingham and a simplified Reading 4A/4B. See the forum....
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Waterloo and Motherwell

One of the early SimSig simulations, Waterloo, has been refreshed to Loader standards - and it's still free! Motherwell has also been updated with simulation fixes, timetable updates, and retitled splash screens. Both can be found in the Downloads area. Enjoy!
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Wembley and Watford released!

Say hello to the southern end of the West Coast Main Line! Wembley Main Line SCC and Watford Junction PSB have now been released for your enjoyment. Have a look in the forum for more details.
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North East Wales Released (plus updates)

Karl Latham has released North East Wales, a simulation covering the Shrewsbury to Chester Line between Shrewsbury (exclusive) and Saltney Junction (exclusive), along with the Borderlands Line from Wrexham Central to Bidston (exclusive). This is ideal for one player and what's more, it's free! More ....
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