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Sheffield 1991 - 1994 WTT

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Sheffield 1991 - 1994 WTT 20/12/2009 at 23:00 #5189
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I've got one more Tinsley Depot Trip to add which is the afternoon T.04 trip. I've nly managed to add the return morning T.04 trip from Grimesthorpe Sdgs - Tinsley yard via Sheffield stn due to my new PC being in a failed status. Not hardware issue, but software issue. Hopefully should get this resolved when I take back to shop tomorrow. Then can add This remaining trip. Then a couple of track machine moves from Beighton Depot to Retford & that should be it, final release at long last.
Incidentally Paul this Cl.31 with parcels vans which stabled in Sheffield station during the day might well have been one of 2 services I knew that was booked for Cl.31's. One being the Grimsby/Cleethorpes newspaper train which ran via Worksop, Retford & Lincoln. The other being a Sheffield - Leicester parcels which ran via Derby. I remember hitching a lift back on the loco from Derby - Leicester in 1987 as it was being worked by an ex Bedford driver who I knew Who had transferred to Leicester. The train only consisted of 3 vans. If you remember what the train was booked to work let me know as it may well be useful for Forest Pines 1986 WTT or y 1983/84 one.

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Sheffield 1991 - 1994 WTT 20/12/2009 at 23:44 #5193
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sorry for the mix up
it was at nottingham station which it stood for mast of the day.
i was responding to the hint on nottinham pacels question

the one you are thinking off from sheffield i belive was a grimsby working not sure weather it was via lincoln or doncaster.

i have a suspision it was a paper train that dropped of at lincoln
will try and find out from someone who will know it well.
my farther worked at lincoln as a guard. and will get back to you



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Sheffield 1991 - 1994 WTT 20/12/2009 at 23:47 #5194
Forest Pines
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I'd say it's not likely to be either of the Grimsby newspaper trains (there were two in '86, one via Worksop and one via Doncaster, with one van detached at Sheffield off the latter for Barnsley). The Grimsby newspaper trains have an obvious mid-morning return working in the timetable, 4M22, NPCSS Cleethorpes-Longsight, which stops at Sheffield to attach the Barnsley newspaper van.

Haven't identified exactly which parcels train it might be, but I know I had trouble matching all the balancing workings for parcels trains in my timetable. Keeping platform 1A tied up all day would make things rather tricky to work, though - and keeping 1B busy would probably make it impossible.

(edited to add: I wrote that before reading the above post)

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Sheffield 1991 - 1994 WTT 21/12/2009 at 13:23 #5206
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4M22 hey, that's a famus train, especially when it was hauled by a Cl.40 'Cleethorpes - Manc'r Red Bank NPCCS'. I have a photo of it at Stockport worked by a Cl.47/4 47584 in 1986 I think, but as you quite rightly say booked to Longsight. However looking at my section YC WTT for May1987/88 there is a 1E62 0210 News from Manc'r Pic with 3 vans & lso there is a 1E66 0120 News from Manc'r Pic - Grimsby with 5 vans via Scunthorpe.
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