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Ground Frames


Ground Frames

See here for details of Ground frames.

There are 6 Ground frames in total controlling crossovers and access to sidings. In the many cases the GF controls a visible signal; otherwise the control is the “authority to move” and there’s no visible indicator on-screen. Where there is a discrete GF location that will be mandatory for timetable using the GF.

Ground Frame Release Requirements Locations
Aish Opening the GF will cause the approach signals to go red. The frame has two levers to reverse the facing and trailing points. Trains will need to be talked past the signals.
Hemerdon This is a button rather than lever operated frame. There is one signalled route from P130 to P8 where you set the route as normal which opens the frame. By use of the trailing point release, movement of the points and clearing of the signal the route is then completed. You can also set the facing points and talk the train past either P6 or P73
Tavistock Junction This controls access to the Down sidings. You can set a route from P197 into the siding which will open the frame. Release is by a switch with leavers then controlling the point and signal (and authority to move for trains entering the Sim). Tavistock Jn sig 197
Plymouth Engineer’s siding Used to allow trains to move between the Engineering sidings and the spur to the East of Plymouth station. This is controlled entirely by the Ground frame and authority to move instruction.
Keyham East Used to allow trains to enter and exit the siding at Keyham at the East end. You can set a route into the siding from P160 followed by the point movement and signal clearing. Trains out of the siding (UP) move under “authority to move” lever. Trains can be signalled from P160 along the Up line as normal without the GF being required.
Keyham West At this GF we have signals P127 and P162 which can set routes into and out of the siding to open the frame. As above, moving the points and clearing the signals complete the process. There’s also an authority to move controlling movement from the Up line LOS when the frame is open.

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