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Start-Up Options
Other Options


Start-Up Options


All lines open

No line closures.

Tyseley platforms 1 & 2 shut

Tyseley platforms 1 & 2 shut all day. All traffic to divert onto the Up & Down Slows through Tyseley.

Fast lines through Northfield closed

The Fast lines through Northfield closed all day. All traffic to use the Slow lines.

Platform closed at Snow Hill

Any one of platforms 1-3 at Snow Hill closed all day. If platform 1 is closed, you'll need to decide how to deal with any trains booked to stable in the sidings at Snow Hill.

Fast lines Water Orton - Kingsbury closed

Fast lines Water Orton - Kingsbury closed all day, all trains will need to divert via Whitacre Jn.

Derby lines Landor street - New street closed

The Up and Down Derby lines between Landor Street Jn and Birmingham New street are closed all day. All trains will need to divert via St Andrews Jn and the Lifford Curve. Trains booked to enter from Birmingham New St towards Landor St will automatically enter on the Down Gloucester instead.

Any one scenario at random

Any one of these scenarios at random.

Any two scenario at random

Any two of these scenarios at random

Absolute Chaos

All of these scenarios, WARNING, not for the faint hearted.

Other Options

Bad Weather: Affects train acceleration/deceleration and signal sighting distance. Turn on to add more difficulty.

Difficulty Setting: Select 'Easy' to add some additional help, such as train descriptions being interposed for you when trains enter at some sidings. 'Standard' does not add these features.

Scale of Problems: Select the probability of late running, train delays at stations and equipment failures.

Random TSRs: Select the prevalence of Temporary Speed Restrictions .

TORR: Select to turn on Train Operated Route Release , which releases routes set from signals as a train passes without intervention from the signaller. The real Saltley panel did not have TORR, however it is highly recommended that solo players enable it.

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