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SimSig Worksop
Absolute Block
Cancelling / Override

SimSig Worksop

Absolute Block

Pairs of interconnected block instruments are used to show the status of each track between adjacent boxes worked by Absolute Block (AB). The display is set by the receiving signaller, but is shown on both instruments.

In this simulation, block bells are NOT simulated, all actions are by clicking on ‘slot’ buttons to represent the particular action.

Each pair can show 1 of 3 settings:

  • N - Normal / Line Blocked – the usual position with no trains passing;
  • C - Clear / Line Clear – after a train has been offered forward, and accepted;
  • O – On Line / Train On Line (TOL) – train in the section.
  • =


    (Box A sending a train to Box B, on up line)
Step Action Simulation action Block Display
0 Default display :usertrack:mans:worksop:ab-normal.png
1a A asks B “Is Line Clear?” Click on green ‘C’ button
1b B accepts Click on flashing green ‘C’ button
1c Line is clear, both ‘C’ buttons green :usertrack:mans:worksop:ab-clear.png
2a Train enters section, A sends TOL to B Click on red ‘O’ button
2b B acknowledges Click on flashing red ‘O’ button
2c Train on Line (ToL) both ‘O’ buttons red. :usertrack:mans:worksop:ab-online.png
3a Train leaves section, B sends OOS Clicks on white ‘N’ button
3b A acknowledges OOS Clicks on flashing white ‘N’ button
3c Line is Normal /Blocked, both ‘N’ buttons white :usertrack:mans:worksop:ab-normal.png

NOTE: In each case, the signaller only clicks on the buttons on their own panel.


In certain circumstances (e.g. train wrongly routed/signal or points failure) it may be necessary to cancel a requested route. This can only be done by the receiving signal box (Box B).

To cancel a request (override) RIGHT click on the 'OVR' button which will then start to flash white until the light steadies and "block override release given" appears in the message panel. This may take several minutes.

Box B may then RIGHT click on the white 'N' button which returns the section to normal/line blocked.

If Train on Line has already been sent, Box A section entrance signals must be cancelled/returned to normal before cancelling can be carried out by Box B.

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