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ARS Operation
One Train Working (OTW)
Track Circuit Overrides
Penalty Points



ARS Operation

ARS is provided as an aid to solo use, it is not perfect (nor is the real ARS) but it has undergone an overhaul and regulates better than earlier iterations.

Known Problems/Limitations with ARS

Regulation will be a problem from time to time and it is possible for ARS to create a ‘Mexican stand-off’ at certain locations (notably Edinburgh).

In certain circumstances the ARS will not set routes properly for trains leaving/arriving at Platforms 10/11 and 1/19 and parallel through lines, mainly where the train has to pass through the ‘other’ platform to reach the ‘far-end’. You will have to ensure that the necessary manual intervention is made.

Trains leaving the Platform 17 (middle siding), will trip the TRTS at E485 when the ARS sub area is on, this is necessary to enable the onward route to be set by ARS.

Fife Circle trains that are sent ‘wrong line’ across the Forth Bridge will cause routes to be set in the wrong direction- this is to be expected as ARS is driven by reading the TDs in the berth.

Fife Circle trains which have a single schedule from Edinburgh, round the loop and back to Edinburgh may be regulated incorrectly, particularly around the junction at Inverkeithing.

Trains using any of the sidings at ground frames will report ‘off planned path’, the trains will pick up ARS once on the running line.


Part of the simulation is electrified with standard 25kV AC overhead, installed during the ECML electrification project.

The following lines are electrified:

  • Up and Down Berwick including passing loops - No sidings are electrified.
  • North Berwick Line
  • Up and Down Goods (Monktonhall to Millerhill)
  • Millerhill to Portobello (not Newcraighall Turnback)
  • Craigentinny Down End (not the East Depot Line)
  • Edinburgh Waverley all lines and platforms except platforms 12 to 17.
  • Mound Tunnel lines W and Z only
  • Princes Street Gardens South Lines only crossing over from Line Z
  • Up and Down Midcalder to Carstairs including Slateford Up Sidings.

For clarity, the lines electrified at the west end of Haymarket are shown in red here:


In more recent times, the station at Edinburgh has been fully wired, however this is not simulated here.

One Train Working (OTW)

Several lines have one-train working. These lines are indicated by an "OCC" light which shows white when a train is occupying the line.

In most cases the occupying train will actually leave the sim and the re-enter when ready to return. While the train is 'off-sim' the OCC light will still be lit and routing of a second train is barred.

Also, it is impossible to use these lines for seeding purposes as a train must leave the sim before any train will enter, in other words the OCC light must be on before a train may enter the sim.

The lines are:

  • Auchmuty (Markinch Yard is not controlled by OCC)
  • Bathgate station (the trains will remain in-sim)
  • Bowhill
  • Crombie
  • Methil
  • Powderhall
  • North Berwick (the trains will remain in-sim)
  • Westfield

Track Circuit Overrides


There are a large number of Track circuit overrides in the Edinburgh area. These act as an 'Are you sure?' check to a signaller when setting a route onto an occupied line- in order for the subsidiary or shunt signal to clear, the TCO must be operated by right-clicking it. On Edinburgh, they are generally used in conjunction with shunt signals, however it should be noted that the west end bay platforms at Edinburgh are also provided with them.

In general, ARS cannot operate TCOs.

Penalty Points

"Other" penalty points can be added in the following circumstances:

  • Signalling a train in to Thornton Yard after giving permission for a train to enter Sim: 10 points
  • Sending a train into Thornton Yard without permission: 25 points
  • Not advising Millerhill of a diverted through train: 5 points
  • Not advising Longannet of an approaching train: 5 points
  • Not advising Oxwellmains of approaching train: 5 points
  • Advising Longannet of a train for Alloa (imposes a block on one coming the other way which needs to be raised) and not sending one within 90 minutes: 25 points

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