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Timetable Notes
Edinburgh 2006
SimSig Edinburgh August 2006 V1.3 Timetable
Sleeper Trains
Up Sleeper Train Events
Down Sleeper Train Events

Timetable Notes

Edinburgh 2006

Edinburgh 2006 Simplifier

- .xls file

Edinburgh 2006 Simplifier Guidance Notes

- .doc file

SimSig Edinburgh August 2006 V1.3 Timetable

This version incorporates loco detaches wherever applicable; note that once the loco has detached the train is unpowered and can't be moved until a loco is re-attached.

Sleeper Trains

The sleeper trains should now work without user intervention, other than TD (Train Describer) changes that ACI doesn't handle.

Sleeper diagram


  • all times approximate;
  • Interposing details may vary according to user's preference/techniques.

Up Sleeper Train Events

Time Loc Event ARS/ACI/manual routing
0000 1B16 seeds at EU474, Burntisland.
0020 P11 1B16 arrives with Near end stop +22m. OB16 ACI inserts left berth
0027 1B01 enters Polmont Jn
0031 P11 0B16 TRTS - 1B16 waits to join 1B01 (NB no power) ARS sets to P10
0032 P10 0B16 manual route to 813 (shunt)
0033 813 0B16 departs Manual route into PC1
0036 PC1 0B16 arrives, waits to join to 0M16-2
0044 1M16 enters Polmont Jn
0047 P10 1B01 arrives
0048 P10 1B01 TRTS to P11 Manual route (call-on) to join 1B16
ACI puts 5B01 in left berth
0049 P11 1B01 (Dn) joins to 1B16 (Up) ACI puts 1M16-1 in left berth
0051 P11 Join complete, 1B01 (Up) detaching 5B01
0059 P11 5B01 detached {Replace TD 1B16 by 1M16-1}
0101 P11 TRTS for 5B01 If early 1M16 may need to be checked at SLW
Use REM/lock pts while 5B01 departs, or set route for 5B01 early
ARS sets P11 to P10
manual route (shunt) to 813
0104 P10 1M16 arrives ARS sets route SLW to P10
0106 P10 1M16 TRTS Manual route (call-on) to P11 to join 1M16-1
0106 813 5B01 deps to MR2 Manual route
0112 P11 Join complete, 1M16-1 (Dn) detaching loco Edit TD 1B16 to 1M16-1
ACI inserts 0M16 at left P11
0114 MR2 5B01 arrives
0115 P11 0M16 detached, faces up
0116 0M16-1 enters at Craigentinny. (needs manual route set)
0120 Insert TD 0M16 at Sig E432
0122 P20 0M16-1 Manual route (shunt) to Mound rev
0130 482 0M16-1 Man route (call-on) to P11
0132 P11 0M16-1 joins 1M16-1
0136 P10 0M16 TRTS Cancel TD in P11, insert at 432
Manual route (shunt) to 813
0136 P11 0M16-1 finished joining Insert TD 1M16-1 at 471
0139 813 0M16 deps Manual route (call-on) to MR2
0140 MR2 0M16 joins 5B01, (loco and coaches)
0144 MR2 0M16 joined, dropping coaches 5Y11 leaving a pair of 67s
0145 P11 1M16-1 TRTS Manual route to 493
0146 MR2 0M16-2 divided from 5Y11 Insert TD 0M16-2
0150 MR2 0M16-2 leaves MR2 leaving 5Y11 coaches only Manual route (shunt) to 813
Insert TD 5Y11 at MR2
0152 813 0M16-2 arrives ARS sets to 817, manual route (call-on) to PC1
0155 PC1 OM16-2 joins to 0B16
0158 PC1 Join complete, 0M16-3 formed Insert TD 0M16-3
0209 PC1 0M16-3 departs Manual route to 426
0210 MR2 5Y11 (2 FW day coaches) berthed, no power

Down Sleeper Train Events

Time Loc Event ARS/ACI/manual routing
0301 1S25 enters from Carstairs Jn
0315 0S25-1 enters Millerhill
0326 1S25-1 approaches Mound Tunnel Manual route to P11 & P10
0327 SLE 0S25-1 arr, divides off 0Y11 ACI interposes 0Y11, 0S25-2
0328 P101 1S25-1 arrives,
detaches loco 0S25 off front/up end
ARS will set route to sig E456
manual route set to E432
ACI will insert TD 0S25
0331 SLE 0S25-2 & 0Y11 divided TD 0Y11 is hidden in Q berth
0331 P11 0S25 detached
0337 0A25 enters Millerhill ARS
0340 SLE 0S25-2 deps (0Y11 TD will appear) Man route (shunt) to 493 rev
0341 482 0S25-2 facing UP Manual route (call-on) needed into P11
0342 SLE 0Y11 deps ARS sets route
0344 811 0Y11 deps
0346 813 0Y11 Manual route 9call-on) needed to MR2
0350 P11 0S25-2 joined, (facing UP) Cancel TD 0S25-2
0352 P11 0S25-2 finished 1st detach (1Y11)
0355 MR2 5Y11 joined
0355 P11 0S25-2 finished 2nd detach (1A25) Insert TD 1S25-2 at 471
Cancel 1S25-1
0356 P10 0S25 departs ARS
0357 860 0S25 Manual route to Craig'ty CS
0415 P11 1S25-2 departs ARS
0415 MR2 5Y11 departs Manual route
0415 SLE 0A25 departs to SLW ARS
0416 SLW 0A25 deps to Mound Tun rev
Hold here until 1S26 has departed
Manual route (shunt) to 493
0417 813 5Y11 to P10 ARS (call-on)
0418 0A25 to P11 Manual route set (call-on)
0423 P11 5Y11-1Y11 joined, detaching loco 1Y11-1
0423 P11 0A25-1A25 joined. Insert TD 1A25 at 471
0426 P10 0Y11-1 detached Insert TD 1Y11-1 at 432
0434 P10 0Y11-1 TRTS ARS
0435 815 0Y11-1 deps to SLE-SLW ARS
0440 P11 1A25-1 TRTS ARS?
0440 SLW 0Y11-1 Man set to 493 Shunt
0441 482 0Y11-1 to P11 to P10 ARS to P11,
Manual route (call-on) to P10
0446 P101 0Y11-1 joined
0450 P10 1Y11 TRTS departs Manual route 819 to P11,
then Insert TD 1Y11 at 471

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