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Table of Contents

Startup Options
Adverse Weather Conditions
Level Crossing Controls
Reading PSB
Ash Vale Jn
Control Area & Functionality
Regulation Strategies
Timetable Notes
09 / 01 / 2019
Entry Points
Level Crossings
Signal Number Plan
Signal Box Prefix Codes
Platform Lengths
Loop Lengths
Version History
Version 1.7 (23rd August 2023)
Version 1.6 (6th May 2022)
Version 1.5 (30th March 2022)
Version 1.4
Version 1.3 (20th April 2021)
Version 1.2 (25th April 2017)
Version 1.1 (Unknown)
Version 1.0 (2nd December 2014)



Welcome to SimSig Feltham.

You will be controlling Feltham PSB, Wokingham S.B, Wimbledon Panel 5 (Barnes area) and (optionally) a simplified version of Reading station, all of which covers a total of 82 route miles. The simulation era covers the period for the above mentioned boxes up to how the area was in 2012.


Title Published Author Comments
15th October 2009 03/12/2014 James Nelhams 0445 start also available
2019-01-09 SX 06/09/2023 Meld 0000,0400,1400 Multiseed
Sunday 2015 27/12/2014 John Bessant Available from Downloads Section
Feltham Engineering Diversions 10/02/2015 John Bessant Available from Downlaods Section

Startup Options


Pre-sets the failure/delay probability and failure/delay duration sliders to levels relative to that difficulty. 'Gremlins' is a setting with excessively high failure rates, 'One of those days' is a setting with significant delays. Developer mode should be used when writing Timetables, this sets delay and failure probability to zero. Defaults to Beginner


Sets the prevalence of Temporary Speed Restrictions

Adverse Weather Conditions

Tick-box to denote whether Adverse Weather is currently happening. During adverse weather trains will be slower to accelerate and take longer to stop. Defaults to Off.

Level Crossing Controls

Selection box: 'Normal' is all crossings controls & penalties active, 'No Penalty' is just that, means you can be as evil as you like, so you don't get irate drivers waiting at crossings, 'No Crossings' is just that, all controls, penalties and calls have been disabled. Defaults to Normal.


In real life the signalboxes do not have TORR . This can be turned on with this option.

Reading PSB

Selecting this will enable part of Reading PSB to be shown.


Ash Vale Jn

The simulation fringes to Ash Vale Jn at Frimley - this is a simple entry/exit and no special process is required by the signaller as this is handled by the simulation for the single line section.


Fringes at Farnborough North / North Camp for Guildford via the 'North Downs' line.


North London Line

Multiple connections to the North London Line from this simulation, Two of these being pesent at Kew East Jn to New Kew Jn and Old Kew Jn. This is a straight forward area, but with the posibility of reversals from Old Kew Jn.


A simplfied area of control here, that enables the simulation to have the Waterloo <> Reading services captive. All trains that enter / exit the area via Reading will be using the 'Reading Depot Etc' slot.


Straight forward control handovers to Wimbledon ASC, first area being at Clapham Jn (Windsor Side) to/from Barnes, and the second being at Norbiton towards New Malden.


A straight forward section to Woking ASC at Addlestone Jn.


The area is mainly electrified 3rd-rail DC, with the following exceptions:

Kew East Jn area, Staines Down Goods Loop, Shell Mex Terminal, Up & Down Guildford lines & Reading New Jn area.

Control Area & Functionality



Regulation Strategies

Feltham is a two-track railway virtually throughout. It is therefore very important to ensure trains proceed in the correct order through the system, otherwise a fast train may get stuck behind a stopper with no opportunity to overtake. If trains are running late then use your best judgement - do you delay a late fast train even more, or delay an on-time stopper so the fast gets back into sequence?


Watch out for Down trains approaching Barnes that get overtaken by another Down train. It may be best not to set route from W523 or W525 for a stopping train until the train is nearly at Barnes.


Trains approaching from Strawberry Hill are generally timetabled along the third line to St. Margarets before joining the Up Main. This means that F18, F20, F16, F30, F32, and F36 can all be left in auto most of the time.


Wait for TRTS from the bay platform before setting route out of the bay. Otherwise a train may approach from Norbiton and be delayed.


Don't forget to set the route from F183. Because of the overlaps it is not immediately obvious if this route is not set: look at the signal post instead (white for route set; grey if not).


Make use of the goods loops for freight trains and empty passenger trains if they are out of sequence. There are no more opportunities to loop out-of-sequence down trains, or up trains via Kew.


Many services terminate at Ascot from the Ash Vale direction. If they do, ensure they're in platform 3 otherwise they'll block down trains until it is ready to depart.

Timetable Notes


Midnight, 04:00 and 14:00 starts are provided.

There are known platform clashes between the 3/8Sxx services and the regular booked services. With the frequency of the passenger services, there is no way of avoiding the clashes and were left as the timetable has them booked. (Mantis 38730)



TIPLOC Description TIPLOC Description
ADLESTJ Addlestone Jn ADLESTN Addlestone
ASCO501 Ascot (F501 rev) ASCO504 Ascot (F504/6 rev)
ASCODS Ascot Down Sdg ASCOT Ascot
BAGSHOT Bagshot BARN090 Barnes (F1090 rev)
BARNES Barnes BCKWATR Blackwater
BNSBDGE Barnes Bridge BNTFORD Brentford
BRACKNL Bracknell CHISWCK Chiswick
CHERTGF* Chertsey G.F CHTSEY Chertsey
CLPHMJW Clapham Jn CMBLEGF* Camberley G.F
CMBLEY Camberley CRWTHRN Crowthorne
ERLY Earley FELT453 Feltham (F453 rev)
FELTGS Feltham Sdg FELTHAM Feltham
FELTHMJ Feltham Jn FRBRNTH Farnborough North
FRIMLEY Frimley FRIMLYJ Frimley Jn
FULW417 Fulwell (F417 rev) FULWELL Fulwell
HAMPTON Hampton HAMWICK Hampton Wick
HOUN443 Hounslow (F443 rev) HOUN448 Hounslow (F448 rev)
HOUNSLJ Hounslow Jn HOUNSLW Hounslow
ISLEWTH Isleworth KEWBDGE Kew Bridge
KEWEJ Kew East Jn KGST410 Kingston (F410 rev)
KGST412 Kingston (F412 rev) KGSTON Kingston
KMPTNPK Kempton Park LNGCROS Longcross
MHERON Martins Heron MRTLKE Mortlake
NRBITON Norbiton NSHEEN North Sheen
NTHCAMP North Camp OKEWJN Old Kew Jn
PUTNEY Putney RDNG4AB Reading Plat 4A/4B
RDNG508 Reading Spur Jn (R508 rev) RDNGNJN Reading New Jn
RDNGSJN Reading Spur Jn RDNGSTN Reading
REDGDMU Reading Depot Etc. RICHMND Richmond
RV398* Richmond (F398 rev) RV414* Shacklegate Jn (F414 rev)
RV416* Shacklegate Jn (F416 rev) RV436* Old Kew Jn (F436 rev)
SACTONJ South Acton Jn SHCK413* Shacklegate Jn (F413 rev)
SHCKLGJ Shacklegate Jn SHEP425* Shepperton (F425 rev)
SHEPDSD Shepperton Dn Sdg SHEPRTN Shepperton
SHEPUSD Shepperton Up Sdg SNDHRST Sandhurst
STAI461 Staines (F461 rev) STAI477 Staines (West F477 rev)
STAI478 Staines (West F478 rev) STAIDGL Staines Dn Loop
STAINES Staines STAINOS Staines Oil Sdgs
STAINSD Staines C.H.S STAINSE Staines Sdgs Ent/Ext
STAINUL Staines Up Loop STAINUS Staines Up Sdg
STMGTS St. Margaret's STRW419 Strawberry Hill (F419 rev)
STRWBHD Strawberry Hill Depot STRWBYH Strawberry Hill
SUNBURY Sunbury SUNNGDL Sunningdale
SUNYMDS Sunnymeads SYONLA Syon Lane
TEDNGTN Teddington TWCK401 Twickenham (F401/3 rev)
TWCK406 Twickenham (F406 rev) TWCKNHM Twickenham
TWCKNMJ Twickenham Jn UHALIFD Upper Halliford
VRGN491 Virgina Water (F491 rev) VRGNWTR Virginia Water
WDWTOWN Wandsworth Town WHTTONJ Whitton Jn
WHTTON Whitton WINERSH Winnersh
WINETGL Winnersh Triangle WOKN14 Rev Sig WM14 (Diesel)
WOKN15 Rev Sig WM15 (Electric) WOKNDS Wokingham Down Sdg
WOKNGHM Wokingham WRYSBRY Wraysbury
WSOR283* Windsor & Eton (F283 rev) WSORAER Windsor & Eton Riverside
WSORAGF* Windsor & Eton G.F

Entry Points

Entry ID Description TIPLOC Description
EADLESTJ Addlestone Jn (Up Chertsey) EASHVALE Ash Vale Jn (Up Single)
ECLPHMJF Clapham Jn (Down Fast) ECLPHMJS Clapham Jn (Down Slow)
ENEWMLDN New Malden (Down Kingston) ENTHCAMP North Camp (Down Guildford)
EREDGDMU Reading Depot etc. ESACTONJ South Acton Jn (Down Line)
ESTAINOS Staines Oil Sdg ESTAINSD Staines C.H.S
ESTRWBHE Strawberry Hill Depot (S422) ESTRWBHN Strawberry Hill Depot (S411)
ESTRWBHW Strawberry Hill Depot (S418)

Level Crossings

Name Type Workstation Name Type Workstation
Barnes (Hounslow Line) CCTV Barnes Barnes (Reading Line) CCTV Barnes
Camberley CCTV Ascot Chertsey CCTV Ascot
Chiswick CCTV Hounslow Datchet CCTV Staines
Egham CCTV Ascot Englemere TEL Ascot
Feltham CCTV Hounslow Hampton CCTV Strawberry Hill
Mays CCTV Staines Mortlake CCTV Barnes
North Sheen CCTV Barnes Oakmead TEL Staines
Pooley Green CCTV Staines Rusham AHB Ascot
Star Lane CCTV Wokingham Strawberry Hill CME&E TEL Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill Staff Crossing TEL Strawberry Hill Strawberry Hill CCTV Strawberry Hill
Sunningdale CCTV Ascot Thorpe Lane CCTV Staines
Waterloo AHB Wokingham White Hart CCTV Barnes
Wokingham CCTV Wokingham Wood Lane CCTV Hounslow

Signal Number Plan

Feltham Signal Number Plan

These are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can get a free download of the latest version from the Adobe website . When checked during December 2014, it had reached v11 and the download size was just over 70MB.

Signal Box Prefix Codes

Code Box
DS Reading (Down Southen auto signals)
F Feltham
GD Guildford*
HW Ash Vale Junction*
KE Kew East Junction*
R Reading#
W Wimbledon#
WK Woking*
WM Wokingham

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation.

#Control area partially player-controlled

Platform Lengths

Location Platform Length (m)
Addlestone Up 166
Dn 176
Ascot 1 (Side) 190 (Down)
214 (Up)
1 (Island) 166
2 166
3 153
Ashford All 158
Bagshot All 92
Barnes All 163
Barnes Bridge All 160
Blackwater All 84
Bracknell All 162
Brentford All 168
Camberley Dn 119
Up 84
Chertsy Up 90
Dn 104
Chiswick All 173
Crowthorne All 92
Datchet All 168
Earley Dn 170
Up 168
Egham All 191
Farnborough North All 90
Feltham All 168
Frimley All 92
Fulwell All 172
Hampton All 179
Hampton Wick All 156
Hounslow Dn 173
Up 164
Isleworth All 165
Kempton Park Dn 321
Up 227
Kew Bridge All 153
Kingston 1 171
2 208
3 133
Longcross All 158
Martins Heron All 169
Mortlake All 177
Norbiton All 157
North Sheen All 160
Putney All 186
Reading 4 300
4A 200
4B 200
5 360
Richmond All 203
Sandhurst All 78
Shepperton SGL 168
Staines 1 170
2 161
Strawberry Hill 1 160
2 144 (Up)
169 (Down)
St Margarets All 168
Sunbury All 162
Sunningdale All 168
Sunnymeads All 158
Syon Lane All 209
Teddington Up 183
Dn 163
Twickenham 1 139
2 139
3 160
4 160
5 160
Upper Halliford All 160
Virginia Water 1 163
2 163
3 145
4 153
Whitton All 166
Windsor & Eton
1 199
2 181
Winnersh All 169
Winnersh Triangle All 167
Wokingham All 169
Wraysbury Dn 165
Up 177

Loop Lengths

Location Loop Length
Staines DGL 440
UGL 260 (F462-F463)
340 (Throughout)

Version History

Version 1.7 (23rd August 2023)

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes
0038681: [Issue] RWM4AM Doesn't TORR
0038731: [Issue] TKDL1 visual discrepancies
0038733: [Issue] Berth for Signal R326 on TZZZ
0038644: [Issue] R326Z NAM=
0038645: [Issue] F92 Entry Cursor
0036587: [Issue] Overlaps drawn on Wrong Track Circuits at Hounslow
0036771: [Issue] Ensure all platforms can take 10-car trains

Version 1.6 (6th May 2022)

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes
0035996: [Issue] Trains via Barnes, Twickenham, Hounslow, and Barnes or Kew call wrong route at Barnes
0036001: [Issue] Isleworth appears twice
0035976: [Issue] Staines UGL F256/F463 ACOA issue

Version 1.5 (30th March 2022)

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes
0035948: [Issue] Overlaps wrong at Strawberry Hill Jn
0035942: [Issue] Hounslow / Strawberry Hill Panel Divide
0035943: [Issue] TFER Crossing diamond drawing incorrectly - Feltham Junction
0035944: [Issue] Strawberry Hill Station - Shacklegate Jn reversing too early
0034550: [Issue] Staines West Oil Sidings
0034592: [Suggestion] Permission to Enter message Enter for Stains C.H.S

Version 1.4

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes
0033508: [Issue] F252 should not have an auto button
0034232: [Issue] Barnes Route - Wrong Route
0034233: [Issue] ACI Staines - not working
0033469: [Issue] Missing Pathing information Hounslow Ver 1.3
0033509: [Issue] Overlap corrections
0034234: [Suggestion] South Acton Junction
0034235: [Suggestion] Staines CSD
0034231: [Suggestion] Aesthetics
0032676: [Issue] TD Step BF254 to BXXXX
0032675: [Issue] SF254BR Clearance

Version 1.3 (20th April 2021)

Same location indices fixed

Version 1.2 (25th April 2017)

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes
0015207: [Sim] Reading Workstation - multiple issues (Hpotter) - resolved.
0016455: [Sim] QTR Data missing for all Entry Points (Hpotter) - resolved.

Version 1.1 (Unknown)

Ticket number [Category] Description (Owner) - status Notes

Version 1.0 (2nd December 2014)

First release.

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