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SimSig Horsham
Simulation Options

SimSig Horsham

Simulation Options


None- All lines open as usual

Horsham Platforms 2 & 3 closed- The middle two platforms at Horsham are closed; it is your responsibility to re-platform trains in a way that causes the least delay to services.



Tick the box to enable TORR , disable for an extra challenge!

Scale of Problems

Beginner: No trackside equipment failures , and no delays or late running, other than that which you cause yourself!

Standard: A low chance of equipment failure, with up to two items failed at a time. Trains entering the area, or stopping at stations, may be delayed from time to time.

One of those days: One of those days when nothing seems to run on time! Severe delays to trains entering the area. Failures as in Standard mode.

Gremlins at Work: It's one of those days where nothing seems to work! High chance of equipment failure, with up to 7 items failed at a time. Train delays are as in Standard mode. Not for the easily frustrated.

Difficulty Setting

Select 'Easy' to enable Easy Mode


Set the prevalence Temporary Speed Restrictions . Choose either None, Rare or Common.

Bad Weather

Tick to enable bad weather. In poor weather, reduced adhesion means that drivers will be braking early and taking longer to accelerate. Reduced visibility also means that they'll react later to signals ahead of them changing to a less restrictive aspect.

Call frequency from LCs

Set the frequency of calls from level crossing users. Choose from None, Rare or Common.


Pre-2012, Down Sidings North 1 and 2 are out of use. They are in-use post-2012. Ensure that you select the correct era for the selected timetable.

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