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SimSig Paisley

SimSig Paisley


Interlocking areas

This is a table of the interlocking areas, linked to the table is detailed notes on each area.
Some signals are prefixed by an area code.

Note: as well as the Alpha Hot Key the numbers 1 to 8 will step you across the screen in equal steps.

Area Panel Code 2015 Hot Key
Ayr 3 PA GPA A
Barassie 3 PB GPB B
Dunrod 1 P GPD W
Elderslie 1 PE GPE G,P
Glengarnock 2 PG GPG L
Gourock 1 PU GPU G
Hunterston 2 PH GPH H,L
Kilwinning 2 PK GPK K
Ladyburn 1 P GPL G,P
Paisley 1 P GP G,P
Wemss Bay 1 P GPW W
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