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Splash Screens

Splash Screens

Filename Description Credits
PC3 50044 preparing to depart Waterloo with a London Waterloo to Exeter service Paul Curran
PC6 Class 421 unit ready to depart from the old Windsor side platforms (now the defunct International platforms) Paul Curran
PC8 Two class 455 units await departure from Waterloo platforms 2 and 3 Paul Curran
PB1 Two class 378 units in Clapham Junction platforms 1 and 2 Paul Biddle
PB2 Two class 378 units on a parallel approach to Clapham Junction platforms 1 and 2 Paul Biddle
PB3 Raynes Park Paul Biddle
PB4 Wimbledon West Junction with the Victoria lines on the left Paul Biddle
PB5 Clapham Yard Paul Biddle
PB6 Clapham Yard Paul Biddle
PB7 Signal W304 at Clapham Junction Paul Biddle
PB8 Signal W86 at Queenstown Road Battersea Paul Biddle
PB9 Signal W302 at Clapham Junction Paul Biddle
PB10 Looking towards London from Clapham Junction Paul Biddle
PB11 Queenstown Road looking towards Clapham Junction Paul Biddle
AB1 Tolworth Ground Frame Andy Brown


Thanks go to IC Team for questions, criticisms, testing, and generally keeping me relatively sane while poring over masses of control tables and other documents. Thanks to James Nelhams in particular for the timetable. Thanks also to the staff at Wimbledon ASC for their help and support.

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