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Paged Simulations

Paged Simulations

Screen One and Overview page for Cambridge. Images from Clive Feather's website, .

Originally, all SimSig simulations used the Paged method of display. This type of display more accurately reflects what the signaller sees in a real IECC . In SimSig, you will have up to 6 'pages' (i.e. screens) showing the control area, and one 'Overview' page, showing shrunk versions of all 6 screens. Buttons at the bottom control which screen is being shown (VWx for View number, MSG for overview), open the simulation menu (MNU, for saving games etc.), applying Reminders (REM, ISO) and overriding them (ROV).

Please note that this differs from actual IECC practise- the SimSig 'pages' resemble an IECC 'overview'. An IECC also contains 'Detail' views, which label points, signals and track circuits. They also show TC breaks, point positions and shunt signals. You can control whether the latter information is displayed in SimSig using the Display Options menu.

At present, Cambridge, Drain, North London Line, Peterborough, Royston and Sheffield use a paged display. In addition, Fenchurch Street and Victoria LUL have a paged-like layout as an option for scrolly display.

The alternative form of display is the Scrolly display. An explanation of the various symbols used in the simulation can be found here .

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