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Options - Display

Options - Display

Note: These pages are based on Loader simulations. Non-Loader simulations may not have all features shown here.


Show track circuit breaks

If enabled, the location of each track circuit is shown, complete with overlap.

If disabled, the running lines are displayed as continuous, unbroken lines.

Show automatic signal aspects

If enabled, the aspect of automatic signals is shown.

If disabled, automatic signals are shown with grey heads, with no aspect shown.

Display automatic signal posts

If enabled, the automatic signal symbol (vertical dash below the head) is shown.

If disabled, automatic signals are shown with no dash.

Show all shunt signals

If enabled, all shunt signals are displayed.

If disabled, only certain key shunt signals are displayed (which ones they are depend on the simulation) and the remainder are hidden.

n.b. Very often the hidden signals can be essential to operating certain train moves, so it is recommended to enable this option.

Panel signals

If enabled, controlled signals at a yellow, double yellow, or green aspect are shown as green, regardless of their actual state, as would happen on a panel . Signals showing a calling-on or shunt aspect show red with a small white quadrant. The aspect of automatic signals is not shown.

If disabled, signals not at danger show their actual aspect, be it clear (green) or caution (yellow or double yellow).

Show locked points

If the interlocking has locked a point in a certain position, the point ends are highlighted white.

Show point positions

If enabled, the current position of each set of points is shown.

If disabled, both branches of the points merge together to give continuous, unbroken lines on both routes.

Timetables 1 second precision
(new in V4.5)

If enabled, allows timetables to be edited as hours/minutes/seconds.

If disabled, timetables can be edited as hours/minutes/half-minutes.

Wrap post-midnight times
(new in V4.5)

SimSig allows times up to 99:59 (just over 4 days in duration). If this option is enabled then most times will be displayed with the times wrapped, such that 25:00 would be displayed as 01:00 (ie 1am on day 2). If disabled then all times will be shown as full, unwrapped times. Note that certain times are never wrapped: these include timetable editing and analysis, logging, and debugging (for testers and developers).

Show seconds in messages/reports
(new in V4.5)

When enabled, times in messages/reports are shown with seconds. Otherwise only the hours and minutes are shown.

Windowed mode

If enabled, SimSig will run in a window on your desktop.

If disabled, it will run in full-screen mode.

This applies to Paged simulations only, and you must exit and re-start the simulation before a changes made to this option take effect.

Show clent/server in all windows

[Multiplayer only] If ticked, all windows will have either (Client) or (Server) shown. If unticked, only the window containing the clock will have this text.

Hide Message window title bar

Hides the blue bar at the top of the message window, allowing an extra line of messages to be seen at the top of the screen. Note: For this change to take effect, the messages window must be closed and a new one opened (Show>Messages), or the simulation re-started. It is impossible to move the window from the default location when this option is selected.

Legacy Train List

Allows the older non-HTML based version of the train list to be displayed. Please see this page for more details.

Train describer mode

Only appears in simulations with ARS .

If "ARS state" is selected, the colour of a TD shows whether the train is being routed by ARS .

If "Delay" is selected, the colour of a TD shows how late the train is running.


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