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A "workstation" represents the control of an area of the simulation that would normally be controlled by one person; on a paged simulation there would normally (but not necessarily) be one workstation for each screen.

All the telephone calls related to that area are directed to the workstation. In multiplayer, a Client can take control of one or more workstations using the Workstation control item of the Multiplayer menu; once they do so, they will receive all telephone calls relating to that area.

If a workstation has not been assigned to a client, calls go to the Host; calls not related to any particular workstation also go to the Host.

The host can grab any workstation back from a client; this happens automatically if the client disconnects.

Some simulations have "on duty" boxes (often in one corner of a screen). When a client takes control of a workstation, their initials (set up when connecting) are automatically inserted into the corresponding "on duty" box.

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