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Edinburgh simulation is one of the largest SimSig simulations created and started development as two sims covering 10 screens in January 2007; fortunately SimSig scrolly came along.

The simulation in the main represents the post ECML/WCML electrification layout between 1990 and 2006. Due to the complexity of the changes the ability to also provide the 2007 onwards layout is too difficult at the moment. The possibility of a pre 1990 layout option was explored and although I had a track layout insufficient details of the signalling have so far been found.

As well as covering Edinburgh signalling area a small section of Millerhill's area is represented, this representation is not entirely accurate and is primarily intended to facilitate the Newcraighall turnback. Further details of how Millerhill works can be found in the Duty 2 notes .

Also simulated is Longannet box which lies on the line between Dunfermline and Stirling (reopened in 2008 as a through line). Again, the operation of this branch is unusual as detailed in the Duty 5 notes .

There are also some historical mismatches e.g. Seafield Colliery closed in 1988 but Dalgety Bay did not open until 1998 - both are provided to facilitate a range of timetables.

In the late 1980's Electrification came to Edinburgh, first the link from Carstairs and the WCML via the Midcalder line followed by the ECML in 1991 from Berwick upon Tweed and North Berwick.

The sim represents the NX panel layout, I am not sure whether this panel had TORR or not, but you have the option to select either mode on launch.

Maps and Plans

Scale Map of Simulation Area
Schematic Plan of Simulation Area

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