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Table of Contents

SimSig Exeter
Reference Section
Signal Prefix Codes

SimSig Exeter

Version Control and Known Issues

Timetables - Information on timetables available.


- Acknowledgements

- Overview

- Features

- Simulation Options

- Simulation Operation

- Level Crossings

- Phone Calls

- Multiplayer and Chaining

- Platform & Loop Lengths

- Hot Keys

- Splash Screens

- Timetabling

- Hints, Tips and Walkthroughs

Reference Section

Exeter Signal Number Plan


Signal Prefix Codes

*Fringe box, signals not controlled in this simulation.
Code Box
B Britannia* (Dart Valley Rly)
B Bristol*
CN Crediton
DM Down Main automatic signals
DT Down Torbay automatic signals
E Exeter
EJ Exmouth Junction
HN Honiton*
PN Paignton
UA Up Athelney automatic signals
UM Up Main automatic signals
UT Up Torbay automatic signals
W Westbury*

The Signalling Diagrams are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer you can get a free download of the latest version from the Adobe website .

The diagram is a direct copy of the scrolling sim which means that the height is as for a landscape orientation A4 sheet, but the width is about 160cm. To print the full diagram, you will need to open the diagram in Adobe Acrobat Reader, work across the diagram screen width by screen width and for each screen width, go to File - Print. Check the Current View option under Print Range and the area on the screen will print on a landscape sheet of A4 paper.

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