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Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips

The following are hints and tips that users may find useful. They don't indicate the 'official' way to operate SimSig, and players are encouraged to find their own 'operating style'.

Post your non-sim-specific hints and tips here. If your tip requires images to assist explanation, create a separate subpage.

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Miscellaneous hints

  • If playing a sim for the first time, why not utilize more of that black empty background by copying important snippets of information from the manual or the Wiki, such as

    hotkeys , and pasting them into strategically positioned Sticky Notes ?

  • Currently, sticky notes cannot be saved independently of saved games and reimported. It may be helpful to create a plain text file in a plain text editor (e.g., Notepad) and loading it when playing SimSig. Even better if the text editor can recognize URL strings and has a Favorites folder. Then you can include links to the actual Sim manual pages, also the folder in which you store your saved games, the folder containing your signal map, etc. The window will pop up in the same location relative to your screen, unlike sticky notes whose location is determined by the panel.

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