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F2 Train List

F2 Train List

Note: These pages are based on Loader simulations. Non-Loader simulations may not have all features shown here.


The Train List window shows you all the trains currently present in your control area. From here, you can instruct trains to run to a different timetable, pass signals at danger where necessary, or even - if you're in a real mess - reduce their length or remove them altogether.

To perform an action on a particular train, right-click on it in this list and select from the menu. See below for details.

The Train List is HTML based, and the display format can be changed by editing the supplied 'trainlist.css' file, which is located (by default) in C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig If you wish, you can use the original, non-HTML train list by ticking the box in Options . Please note that this Train List does not have all the capabilities of the HTML based one does (see below).


ID - This is the train description . Note that the train list shows the real reporting number of any trains; if you get into trouble with the train describer - for instance if you have lost track of what a train is - you can usually find out the information you need here

Timetable - This is the reporting number of the timetable the train is running to. Usually the same as the reporting number but if you have to replace one train with another, this might be different.

Dir - The direction the train is heading: in most cases, Up = towards London; Down = away from London.

Status - Shows the current speed or status of the train

Current/Prev Location - This shows the description of the last named location the train passed - usually the last station passed

Length - the length of the train

Can pass sig - is "Y" if you have authorised the train to pass a signal at danger

Non-stop - is "Y" if you have told the driver to pass through the next station non-stop

Power - indicates the power required by the train. Can be e.g. Diesel, AC (for overhead lines), 3DC (for 3rd rail) or 4DC (for LUL 4th Rail)

Description - shows the description of the timetable the train is running to

Workstation - the Workstation the train is currently on.


Allows the Train List to be sorted in alphabetical/numerical order by Train ID, Status, Location, Length, Description, Power or Workstation.


Enter any train property or text displayed in the window (a train ID, a length, a power type, 'Stopped' etc.) and only trains with that property will be displayed. Useful for isolating one train or a group of trains.

By right-clicking on a train you can bring up a menu which allows you to perform various actions on that train.

Timetable options

Signalling options

Extreme measures

Legacy Train List

Screenshot of the F2 Train List Windows

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