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Options - Failures

Options - Failures


Here you can adjust the frequency at which failures occur, and how long they last

There are 3 types of failures, plus random delays to trains outside your area.

Signal failures

A lamp is no longer able to display its aspect, due to a broken lamp, broken cables, etc. When a signal fails, the preceding signal will fail-safe to red, so any approaching train will have to be authorised past 2 signals.

Points failures

When a set of points gets stuck, obviously you can only cross them on one track. Sometimes there will be an alternative route you can send trains on, but most of the time this means trains get backed up or must be reversed if they have a return route.

Track Circuit Failure

A rail section keeps indicating "occupied", even after it is actually clear. Depending on where this happens, it may

- keep the signal giving access to the section from showing green

- lock a set of points in a particular direction

If your trains can get through, you will have to authorise them past the red signal. If not, you can't do much but hope the technicians get there quickly!

Train Delay probability

Determines how likely trains which have not yet entered your area are to be delayed.

Train Delay amount

If a train outside your area is delayed, this slider controls the likely length of the delay.

Failure time length

Determines how long (on average) it will be before Signal Lamp, Point and Track Circuit Failures are fixed

Minimum Failure Time

Sets a minimum amount of time that must pass before a failure can be fixed.

Max failures

Sets how many failures can be active at any one time. Set low to keep your headaches to a minimum, or higher if you are feeling brave.


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