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A little Mock-SimSig Fun!

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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 06/01/2022 at 17:57 #143383
910 posts
I see you've added Bescot, that would make a certain member very happy especially as they used to work there....
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The following user said thank you: elltrain3
A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 25/01/2022 at 08:59 #143810
288 posts
It's been a while but i'm back with another small one....Telford!
Covering the line from Wellington - Wolverhampton Over a period of approx 8-10 Years

We Start back in the 1973 era just after major rationalisation has taken place, Our first stop after leaving Shrewsbury is Wellington
a small town, it once bosted 4 boxes, Wellington No1,2,3 & 4 with 1 & 4 controlling the junctions either side of the station and 2 & 3 controlling the station itself
though as of 1973 Nos 1,3 & 4 were abolished with both diverging routes having already gone and their function rather useless.
The box that remained was the former No2 box built-in 1953 by BR with a 71 lever frame, which was modified to control the entire station with 2 "fast" lines 2 through platform loops and a sole remaining
bay for shuttles to Walsall also at this time the box gained a box code of "WN"

Next up Is Madeley Jn, (Plated MJ) a relatively new box opened by BR in 1969 and fitted with 40 Levers and whose main purpose was to control the junction for coal trains to Ironbridge Power Station which kept the box busy!

Next, we look along the branch to Ironbridge to Lightmoor Jn a small box also built by BR in 1951 and fitted with 30 levers though only 5 were in use, it the former junction for the GWR line to Shrewsbury via Ironbridge or Craven Arms via Ironbridge, the route we know today as the closed portion of the Severn Valley Railway From Bridgenorth to Shrewsbury

Back on the Main Line, we reach Cosford, (Plated CD) Home of the RAF Museum, the box was also fairly new, though was a GWR 1938 Build with 39 Levers and it had 2 goods loops as well as a siding and connection to the RAF though was largely out of use at the time.

The next box is the simplest at Codsall (Plated CL) and is by far the oldest on the line being built in 1929 and was really only retained to break the block section, it had 25 Levers and 3 signals each way plus a trailing crossover.

Finally, we reach Oxley, (Plated OY) which opened in 1969, and replaced 3 GWR boxes in the area at Oxley Carriage Sidings North, Middle & South, the box had
60 Levers and fringed with Wolverhampton PSB which only opened in 1965 so wasn't the original fringe box! it has a complex layout though retains 1 semaphore OY36 Guarding Exit from CS18.

Now for the next era

In December 2002 the then brand new Network rail closed Wellington No2 and control passed to a VDU in the neighbouring box at Madeley Jn all new signals plated
"MJ 3XX" in line with the scheme that would eventually take over the entire route!
The signal box was demolished completely though all equipment was recovered.

The other boxes saw no major changes.

In 2006 Everything Changed,

On the 26th October 2006 Madeley Jn, Lightmoor Jn, Cosford and Codsall sent 7-5-5 and the boxes closed and overnight all signals were disconnected and Cosford Box
Demolished, then the new signalling went in, state of the art VDU screens were installed in Madeley Jn and all signals between Wellington and Codsall plated
"MJ 3XX"

In terms of layout changes,
Madeley Saw little change other than the replacement of mechanical with Electric
The Bay at Wellington also was rendered useless with the introduction of through services from Shrewsbury and beyond meaning the bay became very underused.

Lightmoor Jn was abolished altogether the entire line being singled, though the box was saved and is now in use by the Telford Steam Railway as they hope to one day re-connect their line to NR via the signal box.

Cosford saw the goods loops unusually retained (including the 5mph speed limit in/out of them) and the RAF siding was re-layed and had a 2nd track added to form 2 tamper sidings.

Codsall also saw its crossover retained and signalled!, the box here I also believe was saved by the dean forest railway and is now I believe operational again!

Though 1 box survived the 2006 re-signalling and that's Oxley! the box managed to solder on fringing with Madeley Jn and Wolverhampton though lost its AB and reverted To TCB for the next 4 years.

The Final Era from 2010 Shows the full "digital" Layout as Oxley CS box was abolished (and quickly demolished), ending semaphores on the line, the layout was
changed considerably and the BI-DI of the DGL, all 4 wash roads signalled with main aspects. The area didn't pass to Madeley Jn it instead went to the West Midlands
Signalling Centre In Saltley under the new code "OS" - Meaning Oxley To Shrewsbury Section, The lines also changed from "Down Main/Up Main" To the "Down Wellington/Up Wellington"

In 2012 The signal box at Madeley Jn also closed with the WMSCC taking control though keeping the "MJ" code, meaning the "OS" seems rather useless now unless the WMSCC is itself absorbed which is when they'd change the "MJ".
Then in 2015 Wolverhampton PSB closed too meaning the entire line (bar Shrewsbury) is in the WMSCC.
plus as of 2022, it's now 20 years since the changes first began up in Wellington.

The sim is largely simple, and wouldn't be terribly interesting but with older TT's (with shunting at Oxley) it could be made a fun solo sim.

I do have a larger mock in the works, which will most likely be the next mock following this :)

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"The Out-of-control Host"
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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 25/01/2022 at 12:22 #143812
863 posts
A few thoughts:

Your 'Hollinswood' shown as 'Oakengates Castle Cement' in Quail 1990, and was a simpler trailing point & fixed diamond not a ladder.

Wellington was a general goods yard, used mainly for running round trains for MoD Donnington and also tanked wine from Italy. Some domestic coal too.
See https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/70626-goods-yards-and-freight-handling/page/5/ which has several posts containing details of train workings, timings, images etc.

Lightmoor Jn was not for the GW Bridgenorth - Shrewsbury line. It was a line from Wellington.

The SVR route was south of the river, joined at the power station site then splitting at Buildwas Jn for Shrewsbury or Craven Arms.
See http://www.ironbridge-railway-trust.org.uk/index.html

Service wise, 1922 was separate Worcester - Bridgnorth - Buildwas - Shrewsbury and Wellington - Buildwas - Much Wenlock - Craven Arms.
Madeley - Lightmoor looked freight only.

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The following user said thank you: elltrain3
A little Mock-SimSig Fun! 25/01/2022 at 12:48 #143813
961 posts
The sim is largely simple, and wouldn't be terribly interesting but with older TT's (with shunting at Oxley) it could be made a fun solo sim.
Thinking about it, any era would be pretty busy on the Oxley panel/box - currently everything arrives at the down side has to do CETs on either Down Roads 5 & 6 then shunt to Down Siding 1 for the Washer. After washing then hey need to be stabled for the next days services in both Up Sidings 3-7 or on the Down Wash Roads

Earlier eras using LHCS would have shunting throughout the day as well.

Passed the age to be doing 'Spoon Feeding' !!!
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The following user said thank you: elltrain3
A little Mock-SimSig Fun! Yesterday at 10:59 #143820
288 posts
Thanks all changes made, and yeah Oxley would be a challenging panel prior to and after the Morn/Eve Peaks!

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"The Out-of-control Host"
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A little Mock-SimSig Fun! Today at 00:13 #143834
3 posts
Good Early morning everyone (or whatever ever time of day or night it is for you,
I have attached a mock-up I did for the Line Between Aberdeen to Inverness around the late 90's. I have also added my interpretation of how Scottish Region Tokenless block machines could look in SimSig. I have also tried to represent the arrangement at Nairn With effectively three boxes with the Booking office having a frame that slots the starters for both direction and also houses the token machine for the line towards Forres,
A few notes,
I have not added any of the foot or AHB crossings yet,
I might do a post 2000's era with Nairn Being Colour Lights but with the Majority of the line still being single track with semaphores.
I have effectively split the Mock-up into two halves with the Left hand end from Eglin West to Dyce being Tokenless Block and the Right hand end From Eglin to The booking office at Nairn being EKT

Any Comments or constructive criticism would be helpful as this is the first mock up I have ever done (Of a real Location)

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The following user said thank you: elltrain3