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Start Up Options
Other Options


Start Up Options


Scenario Description Easy Mode
Perfect Everything should run like clockwork (user errors excluded). No failures or delays. Yes
Beginner As Perfect but, some minor delays may be experienced Yes
Standard As Beginner plus temporary speed restrictions. Also small risk of major disruption No
Difficult As Standard plus one of 9 line closure events will be in place. No
Bad Weather As Difficult but more so! Slippery rails and other problems to deal with. Slightly greater risk of major disruption No

Note: for best effect it is recommended that you link the IECC beep sound to the 'other equipment messages' in the f3 ‘Messages’ option. You must un-tick the pop-up message box otherwise you may lock up the sim. See here for instructions.


One of the following closure events may occur under the Difficult option above:

  • Haymarket North Tunnel closed
  • Suburban Lines Engineering Possession (Niddrie W Jn - Craiglockhart Jn - Gorgie Jn)
  • Forth Bridge Engineering Possession (down)
  • Forth Bridge Engineering Possession (up)
  • Innerwick to Grantshouse Engineering Possession (up line)
  • Waverley platforms 20 & 21 blocked
  • Dunbar Engineering Possession up and down main
  • Grantshouse Engineering Posession down lines
  • Drem up line: broken rail

The Suburban lines closure scenario will require on-the-fly timetable editing for trains which take more complex routes than Millerhill to Slateford/Haymarket West Jn.

There are three major Disruption scenarios within the Sim which may occur in Standard, Difficult and Bad weather launch options. The probability of one occurring is quite low (1:50 to 1:30) chance and only one scenario can occur at a time. However, it is possible for a second event to occur after the first is resolved. The events are:

  • Winchburgh Tunnel Alarm (see

    Duty 4 Notes )

  • Airport Tripwire Alarm (see

    Duty 5 Notes )

  • Musselburgh OHLE failure, which will require all trains to be diverted via Millerhill until resolved.

Other Options


ARS This is full ARS with integral ACI . TORR is enabled
ARS off/ TORR on ARS is unavailable in the game; recommended only for experienced players or multiplay.
ARS off/ TORR off Neither ARS or TORR available. Recommended for multiplayer only!

It is unknown if the real panel had TORR available. The real panel did not have ARS, however it has been added to the simulation to aid solo players.

ACI on/off:

This operates in conjunction with the 'ARS off' state and simply switches all the ACI sub-areas ON or OFF at start up. All ACI sub-areas can then be set on/off while the sim is running as the user requires.

Note there is an on-screen display above Edinburgh Waverley that will remind you while playing of the options selected.

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