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SimSig Paisley
Sim Versions

SimSig Paisley

Sim Versions

Click on the Version to see any know issues
Version Status Scroll/Views Published Comments
v4.3.0 Paidware S 04/12/14 Available from the Shop
v4.3.1 Paidware S 18/12/14 Withdrawn
v4.4.0 Paidware S 11/03/15 Superseded
v4.5.0 Paidware S 02/10/15 Superseded
v4.6 Paidware S 01/01/19 Superseded
v4.6.1 Paidware S 12/01/19 Superseded
v4.7 Paidware S 24/3/20 Superseded
v5.0 Paidware S 27/07/20 Superseded
v5.2 Paidware S 07/12/20 Available via Loader


Title Published Author Comments
Paisley August 2006 5.3.0 07/12/20 Postal Available via Loader
Paisley summer 2015 v4.5.0 (24h and 0445 start) 03/10/15 Barry Millner Download here

Known issues and version control

Timetables Information on timetables available

Timetable writing Information on timetables writing



- Acknowledgements

- Overview

- Scenarios

- Launch Options

- Interlocking areas

- Ground frames

- Phone calls

- Level Crossings


- Platform & Loop Lengths

- Reference Section

- Penalty points

- Splash shots

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