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Signalling links
Other Forums
Reference Sites
Rail Maps
Timetable creation
Signalling Photo Galleries
Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations
Other publications
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Signalling links

(When adding new links, please maintain entries in alphabetical order, if possible.)


SimSig - The main SimSig website, containing all the official information

SimSig Forum - Our forum is the best place to ask any questions or find add-ons for SimSig


GenSheet's SimSig page - Bill Wilson is a forum member and UK rail enthusiast. Although his site specializes in trains using rare routes,

his SimSig page includes additional SimSig timetables as well as a guide to creating them.

SimSig in Wikipedia - A basic overview of SimSig and its history.

Other Forums

UKTrainSim : Forums - The Signalling section of the UKTrainSim forum is not as used as the SimSig one but still has some good information none the less.

Reference Sites

British Single Line Electric Train Tokens - electric train staffs, tablets, and key tokens

Evolution of Signalling Control (, 2013) - discusses NX, IECC, MCS, SSI, CBI, etc.

See this forum page .

John's Signal Box Diagrams - A nice collection here, also DIY electronic absolute block simulator

Joyce's World of Transport Eclectica (DEAD LINK) - Joyce Whitchurch's site, a goldmine of links to hard-to-find documents, well worth perusing

Limit Of Shunt - signalling and route history, particularly in the North East of England.

Network Rail

  Operational Rules - contains Timetable Planning Rules, including a comprehensive glossary of abbreviations used in SimSig. A real gem, worth downloading (95 Mb, PDF)

  Current public timetables - Downloadable as PDF files

      Sectional Appendix - Downloadable as PDF files

        Working Timetable (WTT) - excellent area reference maps, tube map style

Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) - Rule Book - Official Rule Books in downloadable modules

Railway Codes and other data - Phil Deaves' site, including TIPLOC codes , railway tunnel lengths, etc. TIPLOC codes are used by SimSig software when compiling a timetable using Convdata .

OpenTrainTimes - UK train timetables, maps and statistics using Open Data, by Peter Hicks

Part I - Railway Connectors and Cable Assemblies – Safety & Reliability

Part II - Railway Connectors and Cable Assemblies – Reliability & The Internet of Trains (IoT)

Railway Signalling - Clive Feather's site

    British Railway Signalling - How it works

    Making a timetable (SimSig tutorial)

    SimSig WTT and WTR file format

    ConvData - SimSig timetable data converter

Railway Signs and Signals of Great Britain - Excellent general reference site

Railway Technical Web Pages - Signalling Index - Contains short, well-illustrated tutorials:

    British Signalling - What the Driver Sees (PDF) - Types of signals seen on British railways, including semaphore and colour light signals

    Route Signalling

    Single Line Operation - Compares practices in UK and USA, describes various token systems

Sam Hallas Telecoms site - Useful information on railway telephony including level crossings

Signalling Notices - A resource for enthusiasts and researchers of railway signalling information and history, with particular emphasis on signalling notices.

Signalling Record Society - A large archive of old documents (payware) and good links page

Tubeprune - Site covering LU signalling as well as a lot of general LU information

The Signal Box - John Hinson's excellent general reference site

Rail Maps

Network Rail Working Timetable (WTT) Maps - excellent resource, see here for explanation, also Timetable Creation below

Maps of the National Rail network - particularly this zoomable map which you can download (PDF).

Geographical map of London Underground

London Underground Live train running

OpenTrainTimes, Maps section - see Reference Sites above for main link

RAIL MAP Online An overlay of Past and Present railways on mapping/photography; includes industrial and miniature railways.

Sabre Maps - A variety of current and historic road maps but also useful for finding current and obsolete railway lines.

Trackmaps - Quail track-level schematics, including depots etc; payware

Timetable creation

See (elsewhere on this page):

Clive Feather's site for tutorials and using CONVDATA

GenSheet's SimSig page for tutorial and additional timetables

Phil Deaves' site for TIPLOC codes

Network Rail Working timetable maps

Network Rail Working timetables May 2012 to December 2012

Network Rail Working timetables December 2012 to May 2013

Network Rail Working timetables May 2013 to December 2013

Network Rail Working timetables December 2013 to May 2014

Network Rail Working timetables May 2014 to December 2014


Wikipedia pages

Application of railway signals

British railway signals

Level junctions (diamond junctions)

Railroad switch (points)

Railway semaphore signal

Railway signal

Railway signalling

Track circuit

UK railway signalling

Signalling Photo Galleries

Anorakheaven (DEAD LINK) - LU signal boxes

Blockback's photostream (Flickr) (DEAD LINK) - includes Yeovil Pen Mill Signal Box (LOGIN REQUIRED) and Westbury PSB (LOGIN REQUIRED)

Bowroaduk's LU signalling photographs (DEAD LINK)

Cambridge Power Box panel - Clive Feather explains the components of a panel

Danny Scroggins' Signalling Photographs (DEAD LINK)

Dave Harries (daveharries) Box Quiz - as used in Guess The Location (SimSig Forum Quiz)

Doncaster PSB (Power Signal Box) 111 photos of a large panel signal box with excellent close-up detail, by Rob Daniels

Llangollen Signalman's Railway Signalling

Ronrail (DEAD LINK) - Rail photos by Ron Jessop including Cowlairs recontrol (DEAD LINK) and Edinburgh IECC (DEAD LINK)

Signalling Record Society Gallery (DEAD LINK) - see Signalling Record Society in Reference Sites, above

The John Whitaker Collection (DEAD LINK) - signal boxes

The Signal Box - Gallery - see also The Signal Box in Reference Sites, above

More galleries:

    See the Web Photo Galleries section of Signalling Record Society's Links page

Facebook groups - full list here

Signal boxes and signalling group

British Railways: Lost Manual Signal-Boxes

British Railways: Manual Signal-Boxes Under Threat

British Railways: Power-Boxes Under Threat


Railworks Mess Room (DEAD LINK)

Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations

(See also our own Glossary of railway signalling terms )

Railway Technical Web Pages - Acronyms and Abbreviations for Railways (DEAD LINK) - see also RTWP Glossary (UPDATED LINK) (Old link:

    List of Acronyms and Abbreviations for Railways (LAAR) (UPDATED LINK) - Railway Research Centre, University of Birmingham (downloadable PDF file) (Old link:

    UK Railway Lexicon (UPDATED LINK) - Railway Research Centre, University of Birmingham (downloadable PDF file) (Old link:

    Glossary of UK railway terminology (DEAD LINK)

    Rail terminology (trackside objects) (DEAD LINK)

Topical Railway Acronym Converter (TRAC) (DEAD LINK) - Roger Ford's site (Alycidon Rail ) (DEAD LINK)

Other publications

Railway Gazette International

Railway Technical Web Pages

British Pathé newsreels 1896-1976 - see this forum link

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